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This song is by Audrey Horne and appears on the album Le Fol (2007).

Calm like a bomb, well it all took an ugly turn when you walked in
Armed to the teeth I'll be damned if I go down without a fight
Armed with mistakes, I was chanceless went down before our second round
You walked in on me, so don't be surprised I ain't on top

Bring on your cheap tricks and all of your knives, these bloodshot eyes have seen more than one fight
Somebody told you they left me for dead, well call off the search team, 'cause I am still here

Black-eyed and bruised, it's been years since I was caught red-handed in this game
All in a day, I spend all my mistakes on you my dear
Razorblade sharp it only took a minute to walk over me
Brought to my knees I'll be damned if I go down without a fight

You brought me to the end of my rope, you pulled up a chair and you left me a note
Well I tangled along, but I thought you should know, somebody left me for dead

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