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This song is by Audrey Horne and appears on the album No Hay Banda (2005).

Why would you listen? 'Cause nothing I say makes any sense.
Why should I go on? It all seems to fall at your defense.
'Cause it don't mean anything, like you don't need anyone.
Your stuck in a pattern that goes on and on again, the same, I tried to make you see, that
I don't mean to be offensive, anymore than I need to be offended but you're not listening!
Why would you listen? Apologies crumbles then they die
Why should I go on? 'cause everything's fading as I try to tell you time and time again, but your just talkin', never stopin' pausing, waiting for anyone
Soon your motor mouth will run on empty, my ears are bleedin' my head is aching,
You never shut up, you never listen to anyone.
What I say won't matter