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In The End

This song is by Audrey Horne and appears on the album Le Fol (2007).

Waking up with my head underwater
Gasping for air as my blood begins to boil
Found that I love being stuck in these surroundings, I found that I love this liquid world of mine

When you sing, all I need is the time to come up and find air, when you sing, that the end is the part where you start all over again, and this hole shall be filled with the promise of things that will come

Falling out with the ones I once depended on, drifting away, I was found but now I'm lost
I painted myself in attention seeking colours, but somehow they won't stick and I won't shine

Ten years I've been stuck, never seen the light of day, out of sight, out of mind, ten years of pure decay, I've been stuck in this rotten hole where I lay

When you go out by yourself, when you sing

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