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This song is by Audrey Horne and appears on the album No Hay Banda (2005).

What's your game? You wanna know. You wanna feel
What ticks inside of me?
Take a look, inside my head, inside my veins
Run through my system!
Pin me down and look
Cround and pick my mind
Tell me what you find
Find the fuse..&
Turn it off... shut me down... So I can
Catch my breath again.
Well it's not ok by me.
In spite of all te facts
I never said it was ok
Break me down and bend my will
Until it gives, to see what happens
If I fall flat to the ground, then would
I bounce and come back stronger?
Or what if... consider this:I might be fake
& Overrated. Counterfit! I hate to say:
It's not for real but it's what keeps me breathin'.
And it's perfectly clear to me, that if I keep it close to me. What I embrace and hold so dear,
In the end it will kill me!