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Bright Lights

This song is by Audrey Horne and appears on the album Le Fol (2007).

Soaked in fluids and drained in the stench of kerosene
I will leave a light on, drop a matchstick to tell you where I'm going
I'll burn this town down to light up your way, just to follow these bright lights
I will burn these bridges, leave a dead stare, oh honey you deserve these flames
I'll tear this town down and leave a road sign, just follow this dead trail

Broken, everything is broken, we've buried the black box recorder, they'll never get the evidence
Suffocating, oh hell we are the bittersweet taste, the perfect lie
Nothing ever changes here. Burn it down, and we'll watch it all go down in flames
Let's set the record straight, and end it all in flames

I'll burn this town down to light your way up

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