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I Keep Crying

This song is by Audrey de Montigny.

Do you ever wonder, what became of me.
To take a part of my life, so flawlessly.
The strike of time, when I was waiting for you.
Suddenly realized it won't bring you back,
Inspite of all of the things I could do...

But I keep crying over you,
BUt I keep crying over you.
'Cause I never knew, a love so strong
The way that I loved you.
So tell me how do I stop crying over you...

Suppose it was one-sided,
The love I thought that we shared,
So hard now accepting it all,
That you never really cared.
So foolishly blind,
With my emotions inside.
Now as I'm looking back,
It's all too painfully clear,
All that I believed was a lie...(repeat chorus)

I've tried and I've tried,
Not to set myself free
From these chains that are binding me
It's so hard to resist,
The memory of your kiss
Can't deny what I dreamed you to be...(repeat chorus)

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