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Religion Of Reality

This song is by Audiopain and appears on the album The Traumatizer (2004).

Those that differ from what's normal
Non-compliance equals wrong
They get excited by the unlife
They see it all from above

Society of lunacy
They cracked the code, they're insane
Bonded by the truth they all have seen
Life is nothing but a game

Find the edge and make it yours
Go ahead and cross the line
And if you fail, you die, a shortcut ride
Death is death either way

Realize, we belong to death
And fear" will hold your hand
While pain will remind you of life
Feel the fire, and see death in its eyes
I live" for the thrill of the unknown

Religion of reality

Life is wrapped in sweet death
Once in a while you will see its smile
And in the end you will get the kiss
Then nothing matters anyway

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