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Lady Melody

This song is by Audio Karate and appears on the album Lady Melody (2004).

round and round you break a little
lovely voice is singing like a Mom to her baby
round and round you break a little
comatose is all you'd need to show we're just crazy
water break-in is chasing after us
she says life will lead to lust
then she tossed me outta the womb

round and round it takes a little loveliness
to lead her gang of four into the grave
we're obliged to play a little until we close up
we refuse to go we're just crazy

delicately crashing into us
she's been lauging into us
until she tosses me outta the womb

well i guess we have to run singing
now i know that im done swelling up swell
enough now i know that im
swlling up singing
yes! we have to run

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