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Catch And Release

This song is by Audio Karate and appears on the album Lady Melody (2004).

been goin out so long that i show
i'll go and answer all that i know
been out so much that i'm late
it's turning out it's all that i hate
been going out so long that i caved
from throwing out the bait that i saved
i swallowed up the young that i stole
i've mellowed out so i'm sure that i'll hold

so baby come back to me and we'll sleep
i'll admit the things you want me to I
won't fuck the girls I wanted too...

been goin out so long that i stay
been shrugging off the loins that i hate
loving eyes don't know what a fool
sweet loving eyes don't know what a fool

and so baby even if you long to
lately it's all that I can't do

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