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This song is by Audio Karate and appears on the album Audio Karate (2000).

How could you take my girl away?
When I told you everyday but you took her anyway
From me
I stand alone heartbroken
Not one word is ever spoken
And there's nothing left to say to you
And everywhere I go
You're stuck inside my head
Why can't I get you out?
I guess I can't let go
The memories I have are burning out again
And I would never walk away
Forever I would stay
But you took her anyway from me
How come you messed with my girl
You betrayed the trust that I had with you
And I would never do the same to you
I could never see the truth
From underneath is hidden in his lies
I could never see the truth
From underneath he's taking her from me
There was always something in the way you looked at me
All I've got are memories
I find them hard to keep
I love the way it used to be
How can you take from me
Crossed in two I stand alone
Because of you
Because of you

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