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​June 10th

This song is by Auburn Silhouette.

It's 5 past midnight I walk back to my car with you
I wanna hold your hand but not sure if I should so soon
I open your door the scent of your perfume a silent tune

My first night out with you
I knew it was my cue
To sweep you off your feet
I'm turning black and blue
While sitting next to you
You take my breath away

Driving in my car I sing your favorite song to you
We talk about our lives and all the things that we've been through
A tear runs down your cheek a secret you revealed hurt you

I pull up to your house my heart is beating fast what to do
I walk you to your door I look into your eyes they're big and blue
You smiled back at me your glossy, pretty lips I kissed you

It's half past midnight my heart is beating fast for you