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This song is by Au Revoir Simone and appears on the album Still Night, Still Light (2009).

You tell me that it's getting better
But, every time that we say goodnight, goodnight, goodnight,
I am haunted by your eyes and how long they've been crying.

Don't tell me about a bad reaction,
Don't tell me that you plan to hide, to hide, to hide,
Reasoning aside

I'm moving on,
I hope you're coming with me,
I hope you're coming with me.

Anyone can answer their own questions,
All you had to do is look inside, inside, inside.
You know it inside,
You know it will be all right, all right, all right,
You know its all right.

I'm moving on,
I hope you're coming with me,
'Cause I'm not strong, without you.

Don't blame it on your shadow,
'Cause I know all, about you.


Written by:

Au Revoir Simone

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