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Stuck On Blue

This song is by Atticus.

What happens as time passes?
You grow old, you grow cold
She waits on the south side
It's the wrong side for a good time
We lie, we cry, we deny and eventually die on hold
With a drum solo in hell
City nightline, country moonshine
We're selling souls and we're having a good time
She wades through the alleyways in an acid haze
It's the good ole days
Well I love her, like no other
What am I gonna tell her mother now?
My heart beating out of my chest like a drum solo in hell

Sometimes we get tired of the lives we've somehow found
Time won't stop tickin', and the years are windin' down
Yet so many know, afraid to say something
And they watch us grow old while we grow into nothing
And we made a mistake, we don't know what to do
Now I'm stuck on blue

Now it's raining, music's playing
I hear the voices but don't know what they're saying
She holds my hand in the Chevy van
I'll take her out of this wasteland
Well she's older, but I know her
And tonight's finally pulled her cover down
As she cries as she realizes shakin' like a drum solo in hell

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