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One Less Christmas You'll Have To Spend Alone

This song is by Atticus.

This year's been a struggle, now don't you know
Try to make ends meet, and I get left up with bones
There's been times I thought that it would all fall apart
There were times, you know, I just didn't know where to start

You know, I get caught up in the stress of so-called average days
Demand perfection in myself of all I do and say
So often we try to adjust and tune it fine
We forget life is poetry, but it does not rhyme
No, it does not rhyme

A blessing can be a crisis, and it's all the same
Or is it really now, I've only got myself to blame
From now on I'll look at life in a whole new way
Thankful to be alive each and every day

And sing... how I love to sing, lord
Singing a song and picking these guitar strings
You can't let the bad things overshadow what happiness brings
You taught me how to smile, although it made me cry, can you hear that silent thunder, baby

Can you hear it now
Can you hear it now
Won't you listen now

This Christmas is gonna be different from any I've ever known
Though I can't send you a Christmas card or an "I love you" by phone
Daddy's gonna be outside that night to sing his girl a Christmas song
And then it's one less Christmas you'll have to spend alone

You have to spend alone
You won't be alone
I said I'm coming home

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