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In Texas My Love

This song is by Atticus.

I met a man who took a 7:30 train to Houston
And I'm sure it was nice
I went once myself, I had to go by bus
But I'm sure that the train ride was nice
And I can still smell the air
I can see the land getting flatter
My true love lives there
In Texas my love

The prettiest girl I ever seen's in Galveston
You know she came and picked me up there
She took my arms and gently wrapped them round her waist
And I pressed my face against her hair
And I can still smell her shampoo
I smell the scent of her skin
I close my eyes, and I'm there again
In Texas my love

In Texas my love she is waiting on me
And I'm far away wasting away, far away
And I dream of the day when I'll finally find a way
To somehow get back to her there
In Texas my love

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