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Wing Of Samael

This song is by Atropos and appears on the album Triafata (2001).

I am the power
I am the might
I am the truth
The trust and vengeance

I am the unwritten Law
I am the wing of Samael

I hide inside all I need
I am the war and justice
For I render death for pain
I give you love in return for warmth

I am the nature, 'cause I am not driven
By an imagined humanity
I hide all the instincts peculiar to every

Being of this cosmic shell

I have murdered my heart
Smashed by a Beast

I am the silence in which every sound sinks
And the light ebbes away

I am the thunder deafening everything
When the time comes

I am the rebel
I am the king
I am the strength
The saviour and sword

I hide inside all what I need
I am the war
Defiled archdemon

The redness of blood fades away
The manikins flee and cry
I rise from ruins

The kingdom of might has come

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