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​On Your Naked Body

This song is by Atropos and appears on the album Triafata (2001).

Paint the landscapes on your naked body
Giving them the shape and soul with my tongue
With the dye of my blood, of milliards of shades
Watered by your sweat and seasoned with the velvet of pain
A little face of the moon is rolling along the diamond string
Are you? Or maybe you appear as a phantom in the shadow of the night
So that I could think in the morning that the fantasies play tricks on me
The days become longer, so does the night
When you appear in my life
They run faster and faster
Is this the sign that I will forget you soon
The wind spins the long stories
About the humans and their unreal reveries
About neverending pain and non-cicatrised wounds
In crowns of the trees, in the moaning wind,
The birds tear out their hearts
Loneliness is the kind of death

I'm dead

Let us pray for the sun's eclipse
Let us pray for the sun going out...