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Every Silent Touch

This song is by Atropos and appears on the album Triafata (2001).

Every silent touch which the night is magic
Dancing flame of the candle of anxiety
Let me sink in this sea when it's closer to the stars
Cornerstone of existence
Every breath is the litany of loneliness
Lapped in the coat of the night
When the flowers will cover the gardens and the birds will come back
Everything will succumb to the stress
Of the impressions and loose it's proper look
Is this the creek of bones or of the rigging of my ship
I feel so old, so dispossessed of all my feelings and dreams

On the rough sea of your body I gratify my desires hiding
Behind the columns of both faiths
Let me sink in this sea when I dream all of these moments so much.

Mother night is strict but she's never thrown away
My prayers for the place in her robe.

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