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Land Beyond The Forest

This song is by Atrocity and appears on the album Blut (1994) and on the album Calling The Rain (1995).

I walk through the hills
And march down the plains
So many years but I was always there
Deep in my heart I remember the time...
Oh father,
How could you endure this fate?
I will stand for
I will fight forI die for the land beyond the forest
Oh yes,
I will complete what you have begun
I will face my destiny
Oh father, I won't fail my final mission
The greenest grass, the whitest snow
I breathe the air, I absirb the land
So cold the wind, so high the mountains
I will never forget this fascination, this closeness, this familarity
This familarity I will never forget
In life beyond death
I will stand for
I will fight fir
I will die for the land beyond the forest

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