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Ever And Anon

This song is by Atrocity and appears on the album Blut (1994).

Time is so heartless
Time is malice
Time is the aburd absolution
Time leads me to disillusion
Here I find myself
The helot of the handman
Fearing the certain death
And hoping for salvation
Ever and anon - flying
Ever and anon - dying
Shattered thoughts, they're flowing
Leaving you in the shades
What eve I'll create
What eve I will think
Never I'll be meant
Self-regulated punishment
A live from agony
Dust-eating, blood-drinking crearure
Sharing insanity
Earth to fed up but open wide
Ever and anon - flying
Ever and anon - dying
Still on the knee you're playing
But no god wanna fisten - to you
I fly a little bit, I die a little bit more - ever
I fly alittle bit, I die a little bit more - anon
I search for the wisdom
Left in the sand
Awaiting the final solution
Bringing myself to the end
Land of elover-feats
land of desolation
land of no believes
I fly for the unflating nation
Ever and anon - flying
Ever and anon - dying
Ever and anon - fallingever and anon - erushing

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