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Taking Back Every Word That I Said

This song is by Atreyu and appears on the EP Fractures in the Facade of Your Porcelain Beauty (2001).

You were so euphoric I saw...the future in your eyes
A Cascade of emotion Brings me to...the summit of defeat
My trust was misplaced Like the a sea of lies
Your more content barefoot on coals
Then to deal...with feelings trapped inside.....your trapped inside

Trapped inside, coalesce distrust personifiied
Fear unrealized, will paint the future black as night.
Just let go, have you felt what it is to fly
Soar above, the right path is never justified

They wouldn't ever affect you, you promised,
and you lied You were strong enough to make your own decisions
But evidently your own two feet just weren't enough to stand on

Tell me how should I feel after what you just said
How the should I feel after what you just said....

You are nothing You mean nothing
Just like a child, I wish I could close my eyes
And you would dissipate
Just like a child, I wish I could close my eyes
Let my tears evaporate
Please stay away from me
you've done far to much harm

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