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Someone's Standing On My Chest

This song is by Atreyu and appears on the EP Fractures in the Facade of Your Porcelain Beauty (2001) and on the compilation The Best Of... Atreyu (2007).

Starving searching this barren wasteland
Trying to grasp being this alone
Pleading for a breath of fresh air, someone's standing on my chest
Dying I'm asphyxiating myself
Break myself slave to my weakness choke on my words
Oh I'm drowning and I feel so alone
The lights are on and I wish I was home
My lips are screaming pretty nothings
My ears are bleeding for want of words, fuck words I need actions
Hope has left me fucking shattered
Someone's standing on my chest
Alone would be a pleasant change from here
How do you gauge loneliness how you ever felt so alone
It feels like the light will never reach me here,
I am choking back my longing for shed tears
So strangulated by my lonesome fears please don't worry too much,
it only hurts when I breathe

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