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Our Final Campaign

This song is by Atomizer and appears on the album Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt (2008).

In seven short strikes of the clock
We'll draw breath no more
We've come to a point, to a place
All our campaigns fought
The end of forever, from this plateau I leap
These final nails are true and driven deep
They're driven deep

From the plateau I've stepped
With liberation in sight
I find myself beyond
Constrictive forces controlling us

This place is almost deserted
We'll be the last to leave
And when all is said and done, well
I guess we got what we came here for so

Onwards we march
Beyond horizons known
Into the eye of hell knows what
To craft a new weaponry

They'll say it's murder, a slaughter, void of rationale and order
An assisted suicide, either way it's gotta die
Displaces the essence, the purpose and the root of our existence
Weaved its way back to the soil
This mercy killing is
The only path to take
It's not open to debate
We forged the fires true
Discarded now across the fields
Abandoned for you, to sift on through
Make use of what you will
This throat's been cut
There's no more blood to spill

Onwards we march
Through fields unexplored
A new agenda in our hearts
A new offensive to forge

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