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​Flowering Spores Of Imagination

This song is by Atomizer and appears on the album Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt (2008).

Freewill is just a manifestation
A flowering spore in the imagination
Every action oh so pre determined

Squandered the notion of right or wrong option
Everything grey, good and evil illusion
Mechanisms to rationalize what unfolds

The notion that everything happens for a reason
Is to a point in fact the truth
Though not in the way you've come to believe

Human arrogance it clouds ones means
For are we not the most evolved species
You liked the script, have the credentials to direct

Time and purpose, reason for being
Though the plot remains that elusive scene
The blueprints of existence way out of reach
A scenario so bleak

Hey hey hey hey
The etchings of destiny foretold
Without means, without understanding
Embossed in a tome, fortified, livid in steel
Stranded and blind they fumble without direction
A perspective on reality to which few could ever evolve
Their position is dim, as are their prospects
A consequence to grave, a scene oh so surreal

No one considers this de evolution
The role we play in the final solution
Acquiescence to the truth that the war's already lost

A spiritual catastrophe will result
When the meandering variables of faith are lost
When the truth dawns down upon those without the means to evolve
They've no means to evolve

The notion that everything happens for a reason
Is to an extent indeed correct
Though the path least traveled on is obscured
Obsidian, disguised