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Esoteria Is Now In Command

This song is by Atomizer and appears on the album Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt (2008).

No more, no more
No more intellectually void
Enough ill conceived faux-losophy

Clandestine to the herd
Yet so clear to those who see it
Details obscured to protect the secret

And should there be questions
Dismiss them right out of hand
Egalitarianism - be damned

Sworn allegiance to futility
Laws conceived in artless rites
Detractors be damned esoteria now in command

When you grind it all down
When you grind it all down, it's nothing but pulp
An abject byproduct

For I have denied
The flesh and blood of Jesus Christ
I ride as a knight in secular service

For I have the noose
And I possess that wisdom
The shining delta that knows all things

In the land of the blind
The one eyed man shall rule
If you look hard enough you'll see this parallel

For someday one may rise
One to turn this world on it's head
It'll take more than perversion of dogma and virtue
To be the catalyst