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​Empty Girl

This song is by Atomic Swindlers and appears on the album Coming Out Electric (2004).

She had a tattoo of a senorita

Over her heart

Thought it would help her to feel

When she was falling apart

Off white junkie never knew

Just what to do with her hands

Let the moon serenade her

She's an empty girl

Wore electrical tape

Hold up her pantyhose

Loved to dance with the soldiers

In their UFOs

It didn't matter if they loved her

Because she wasn't herself

Always sleeping with the jaded

She's an empty girl

She dances in volcanoes

Neptune wind blows

Drinking cool martinis

With the Mayor of the stars

Intergalactic groupie

Eyes all jewely

She's an empty girl

Wore a Mexican hat

Thought it made her look smart

Sang without of tune chords

To a mechanical heart

I guess it made her feel romantic

A robotic affair

She kept it all inside

She's just an empty girl

Moved back to the land

To the red lame dirt

Like cellophane sand

Where love doesn't hurt

Is beautiful happy

Does it open the door

Is your love just in a crater

Just an empty girl