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There For You

This song is by Atomic Kitten.

I didnt know my right wrong,
but now i know that u got your
love around me you know it makes
me feel so strong

Maybe if you turn around and
prove to me its real maybe we
can work it out, cos this is how i feel

do you know were u go when u give it all away ill be there
for ya there for ya love you everyday Oh baby
and do you feel the same for me anyday your away and i feel
a little low i will cry for ya die for ya just to let you know
Oh baby. and if you come to me you know i'll make it rite

thoughout ma life i though i'd have somebody
someone to call my own, and now i found
a little bit of heaven baby a place to call ma own.

Maybe if u turn around and prove to me its
real, maybe we can work it out, cos this is how i feel


baby dont you know you gotta slow down before ya know your
gonna break down and trun around before you go and break my
heart,when will u learn to be a little helpful when you think of me
a little careful when your close to me cos baby ive loved you from
the start.

fade till end

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