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​Doot Dat Doot Dat

This song is by Atomic Ballroom Calamity.

That night I was so fucking high I didn't even notice that the house was burning down. Well I have never smoked with a house before so light that shit up. Oh lumber keep me warm tonight, paint! paint! off white paint! off of the walls! Lately I've been sharing my body with a stripper, a strippers body I probably shouldn't be sharing myself with. And in the absence of a lover I find myself fishing in a harbor with my voice as bate. In a dingy with a hole and a busted engine so it looks like I'm sinking to the bottom of the sea. Yeah, I hear there's plenty of fish in the ocean but let me tell you it means nothing when you don't know how to swim. When your wardrobes on your skeletons with fingers on their pulse, life gets kind of boring when receiving mouth to mouth. Light that shit up. Lately I've been too fucking high to focus on my thrash band getting signed.