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This song is by Atomic Ballroom Calamity.

This is a reproduction resume sent to all the girls that hate the tactile sense of latex set between their thighs:
I said;
My mouth was dirty, my tongue wants out. She said she'd share hers with me. I cannot imagine what she would do if I told her that my dick was cold. Keep this between the sheets (make hate). So lets keep this heat between the sheets with rosey cheeks and steady beats. (1234ideclareatonsilwar5678whichofusdepreciates?). Cheers to another night of giving up your body, cheers to the aminals cursing through our fucking microphones. There's so much going on right now, I just can't concentrate on this shit, fuck this bitch on this bed. She looked beautiful for once, and I must have been ever-so charming. I told her I didn't have a place to sleep and it looks like there's more that I'll get. Well she lured me to her bed... oh no, looks like I have a test to take.