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No Head

This song is by Atom And His Package and appears on the album A Society Of People Named Elihu (1997).

So, tell me... How many scoops you think they put in that? And
What do you call a spoon that's like a spoon but it's flat? I bumped
Into a grocery store and I made the earthquake. All the while, with
My breath, I'm increasing the size of my milkshake. I have no head
(Tastes great) I have no head (less filling). So servants of current
Knowledge, state your party's IQ. So instead of hearing stupid shit,
I'm telling the stupid shit to you. Stick an Oreo in my portfolio and
Turn the secret sign and I propose that I do absolutely nothing with
My unschooled mind. The rising power of later chapters 8 miles
Hype and the guardian interview, no thanks, you're really not my
Type. I asked for a brain reduction and the doctor said "eh?". He
Asked if it's like a breast reduction, I said, "head" he said, "yeah".
Maybe I'm mistaken. Maybe they don't care. I won't speak for them.
That would not be fair

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