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Connor, Welcome

This song is by Atom And His Package and appears on the album A Society Of People Named Elihu (1997).

Usually I'm against this species propagating, and I do no like to think
About my best friend mating. But this one time, I will grant a big exception,
When I heard about the plan for Connor's conception (yeah, so the tenses
Don't agree, so what?). Chris and Amy, they had a little boy, and the
Godfather of the child was not Brian or me, but it was Roy. A bouncing
Baby buggy bumper who likes to pull on my glasses. I can't wait until Chris
Enrolls him in some punk rock classes. Connor, welcome to the family.
Connor will be brought up professing anarchy, and he won't be scared
Of green hair, just the masons and the illuminati. Babies. Oh, I love my
Bananas in pajamas, I can eat 'em in the night with Franklin Tananna.
Oh, Bananas in pajamas all the time, I can eat bananas in pajamas with
Some cheap red wine. yeah

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