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Doors of Perception

This song is by Atoll Nerat and appears on the album Art of Ancient Seers (2001).

See the Sun going down
The last beam caressing leaves and grasses
See the day burning down
Casting shadows from the roots of trees
Wing that will bring the fogs from the bogs
Is sleeping in the cool and dark branches now
The pale moonshine will wake it up
'Cause its time is before the day begins
Night ...firebrands
Sound ...of steps in the grass
Spirits ...of the forest are here
Hands ...stretching to the fire
It's as if you really knew
How sad shadows of trees are crying in the night
It's as if you really understood
What this nightly joy of the spirits may mean
Who are you and what do you have to revive this forest?
Songs of peyote or dance at the crack of dawn?
Something may explode your world forever.
Just listen to the whisper of intent and keep silent
Just keep silent

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