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Princess Spoken Word (Slug)

This song is by Atmosphere.

shes a formal princess
from the moment she wakes up to reach her face
all the way to when she lays to asleep, in space
she creeps through life
the energy she uses exclusively
to keep all of these people in their place
if only she would understand them
if she understood, how good, or am
maybe, find the root of the problem
with a plan, is it plausible
cant be the princess, carries the pride
of a diety, sexy little goddess
fashionably modest, obviously falsified, honestly doubtless
lotus, of course ive noticed the imaginary roses
made it impossible not to focus
hopeless, ill never get my point across that bay
hopeless, tried and denied at least once a day
i dont need your advice
what i need is some shade to keep the sunlight out of my eyes

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