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Lifter Puller

This song is by Atmosphere and appears on the album Seven's Travels (2003).

"Do you really feel? Honestly, I'm asking you of your heart
I know I'm not asking you what you know of yourself
I'm asking you of what you know of yourself
Am I the Jezebel? Am I the Jezebel?"

"The Jezebelly."

You don't know me
You just left me
You don't know me
You just left me
You don't know me
You just left me
You don't know me
You just left me

And he was a man
Or so he thought
Paid attention to the lessons that he taught
Second hand me down blessing
She was short on patience
Carried person hated every day people
The plight of the pessimist
Habitual living daily schedule consisted of work
Television and sexual moments
But some times it gets so hopeless
When nonsense raises an octave, thoughts block all the sensual moments
With a firm grasp on the grudge they both clutched in the name of love
Fear of the results had push ever came to shove
Seduced for fun
Produce a lot of fight
Two youths on the run
Learning some truth about life
And when he stares at the stars he reflects on the moon
The time the talks they share walking around Calhoun
And when she watches the look on his face as he sleeps
She recalls every inch as to how it got this deep

Now how am I to know you like the way I laugh
I can't read the map, no one's ever seen the path?
The one you take a bath with is the same on the freeze your path
Oh you going out? what time you gon' be back?

'Cause they were two perfect kids
In a too perfect worlds
Today the part of man and women will be played by boy and girl
Lets all take seats
Please quiet during the performance
Lift her pull her from the orchids

Trying to read the script but keep getting trapped in the margins
Lift them pull them from the gardens

Your horoscope says we should share an apartment
Lift them pull them apart from their gardens

Now she was smart
She grew up with this complex
That the people that surrounded her seemed to expect the world
And he was tall over six no attempt to predict the fall
Though he'd seen it all
Until his all became that girl
She said she loves the drugs
But when she comes down
She speaks about finishing
She's convinced it's the last visit
He doesn't know the difference between come and go
Just give him one to grow and watch him collapse inside of a half pivot
She dyed her hair black
Maybe now she can relax
Maybe now the regulars will stare half as hard
He wears an old face and beer gut
Existence validation printed on the monthly statements
That comes from Mastercard

He thinks she sleeps too much
She thinks he spends too much
He thinks her friends are jokes
She thinks he's out of touch
He thinks she drinks too much
She think he thinks too much
It's all another phase turning the page in the book of growing up

She has seen a lot of sex
He tried to hide his resentment
But there wasn't nothing thing left for them to label new
But sometimes the obvious ain't simple to see
'Cause even the time that they killed
Was something that she wasn't accustomed to
She never comprehended what to make of it
He was never quite prepared to study the reaching
Together they shared the sacred practices of breathing
The weather was fair, however the hovering clouds weren't leaving

Discover the little drama demons that hide deep inside the frame work
And live in that congested brain
They had old lovers on the side, old flames
That somehow managed to spark regardless of the pouring rains
And each time they mixed up the ingredients
They'd re-check the recipe to see maybe they reading it incorrectly
Collect me, consume me, release me. snuggle
Two geniuses putting together the pieces to a blank puzzle

Every time I chase a squirrel, it rips apart my world
Every time I chase a squirrel, it rips apart my world
Every time I chase a squirrel, it rips apart my world
And every time I chase a squirrel, it rips apart my world

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