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As The Rain Falls

This song is by Atmosphere.

As the rain falls
and the bordom awakes
make some calls
to cheer up my day
still nothin to do but stare at the skies gray
please lonliness leave me astray

Throw on some tunes
and play guitar for a few
to pass some time
and wait for the sky to turn blue

Well as the rain falls
and the waterdrops
all i can think of
is about our crops

Now as the day goes on
still see no change
this day will just stay strange
intil it goes away

Now its five o clock
right on the dot
my mind just hit the spot
got to turn on the simpsons
because i love them alot

watch the television
till i fall asleep
and start my midnight dream

now as the alarm goes beep
i wake up and outside
is a sky thats clean

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