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Send For Me

This song is by Atlantic Starr and appears on the album Radiant (1981).

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I don't know what was said, my baby
I thought that everything was fine

You say you got to get away
To find yourself, mmmm

Now lady, can't you tell
It's written all over my face

My days and nights would be a living hell
If you go away

So think about the misery
That you're gonna put me though, ooh

Goodbye, Doesn't mean a thing with you and I
Our love has stood through the test of time (Yes it has)

If you're planning to leave me behind, oh
Let me put one more thing on your mind

If you ever need my baby, send for me
I'm just a telephone call away, send for me
Put a message in a bottle baby baby, send for me
Mmmmm, Ooh

See you're my everything, sweet baby
My whole world revolves around you

Nothing is what I am,
Without you here in my life

Send for me
Send for me
Send for me

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