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I'll Remember You

This song is by Atlantic Starr and appears on the album Time (1994).

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Words have left us all alone
And something's come between us
To turn the fire cold
Thoughts that chase you in the night
Silently the storm
The life from in your eyes
And I remain alone, no matter who
May try and take your place

And I'll remember you
The dreams we could of dreamed
The tears I should have seen
We used to say forever
But I'll remember you
Your pure and simple heart
Your shadows painted dark
I will always love you
I'll remember you

Summer rain to fallen snow
We knew that it would last
But there's no way to know
It's such a storm that's in the sky
Quietly will pass, quietly we'll cry
And here I stand, alone with every
Promise melted through my hands

Oh, and I remain, alone no matter
Who may try and take your place

I'll remember you...
I'll remember you...

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