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Straight To The Point (1979)Edit

Atlantic Starr - Straight to the Point
Straight to the Point
  1. (Let's) Rock'n'Roll
  2. Kissin' Power
  3. Let The Spirit Move Ya
  4. Straight To The Point
  5. Bullseye
  6. What'cha Feel Inside
  7. OnFallin' In Love With You
  8. Losin' You

Radiant (1981)Edit

Atlantic Starr - Radiant
  1. When Love Calls
  2. Does It Matter
  3. Think About That
  4. Send For Me
  5. Mystery Girl
  6. Am I Dreaming
  7. Under Pressure
  8. My Turn Now

Brilliance (1982)Edit

Atlantic Starr - Brilliance
  1. Love Me Down
  2. Sexy Dancer
  3. Love Moves
  4. Your Love Finally Ran Out
  5. Circles
  6. Let's Get Closer
  7. Perfect Love
  8. You're The One

Yours Forever (1983)Edit

Atlantic Starr - Yours Forever
Yours Forever
  1. Yours Forever
  2. Touch A Four Leaf Clover
  3. More, More, More
  4. I Want Your Love
  5. Second To None
  6. Island Dream
  7. Who Could Love You Better?
  8. More Time For Me
  9. Tryin'

As The Band Turns (1985)Edit

Atlantic Starr - As the Band Turns
As the Band Turns
  1. Freak-A-Ristic
  2. Cool, Calm, Collected
  3. One Love
  4. In The Heat Of Passion
  5. If Your Heart Isn't In It
  6. Silver Shadow
  7. Let's Start It Over
  8. Secret Lovers
  9. Thank You

All In The Name Of Love (1987)Edit

Atlantic Starr - All in the Name of Love
All in the Name of Love
  1. One Lover At A Time
  2. You Belong To Me
  3. Females
  4. Don't Take Me For Granted
  5. Always
  6. Armed And Dangerous
  7. Let The Sun In
  8. Thankful
  9. I'm In Love
  10. All In The Name Of Love
  11. My Mistake
  12. Interlude

We're Movin' Up (1989)Edit

Atlantic Starr - We're Movin' Up
We're Movin' Up
  1. Under Your Spell
  2. Bring It Back Home Again
  3. I'm In Love With You
  4. Don't Start The Fire
  5. Love Ain't Fair
  6. My First Love
  7. Woman's Touch
  8. Friends
  9. We're Movin' Up
  10. Sugar
  11. I Can't Wait
  12. You Deserve The Best

Love Crazy (1991)Edit

Atlantic Starr - Love Crazy
Love Crazy
  1. I Can't Wait
  2. If You Knew What's Good For You
  3. Love Crazy
  4. Hold On
  5. Lookin' for Love Again
  6. Come Lover
  7. You Hit the Spot
  8. Masterpiece
  9. Girl, Your Love's So Fine
  10. My Special Lover
  11. Unconditional Love

Time (1994)Edit

Atlantic Starr - Time
  1. I'll Remember You
  2. Everybody's Got Summer
  3. My Best Friend
  4. Time
  5. Baby Be There
  6. Let's Just Sneak Around
  7. So Good To Come Home To
  8. Lovin' You All Over Again
  9. Animal Attraction
  10. Along The Way

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Always Has Always Will
  2. Freak-a-Ristic
  3. If Your Heart Isn't It
  4. Love Me Down

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