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Between Here and There

This song is by Atkins Lane and appears on the compilation From Brooklyn With Love (2002) and on the album Life in the Fast Lane (2003).

Call me crazy but 65 miles seems so far away when everything from here to there is you it's every word you say nothing has ever felt so right until now how did you manage to walk into this little life of mine and if this means anything you seem to be my everything you're all I've ever needed to be happy and I can't stop dreaming and I can't stop waiting for that day to come when we can frequency our thoughts as one and my heart keeps beating I can't stop waiting for that chance to come when I can feel you in my arms is it wrong to say that I want you or tell you how much that it hurts to face another day without you they say that less is more and some things are worth waiting for but baby all I need right now is so much more of you something has opened and you walk in here come the butterflies again what can I say can I please keep you here you're so colorful to me

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