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The 300 Spartans

This song is by Athos.

Ancient Spartans immortal warriors
Heroes of the land of Gods
Masters of the battleway
Your glory eternal
Lead me to the paths you walked
I stare of the ancient stone
Written and never forget
For what they fight for
For what they died for
I close my eyes I feel a warm touch
I hear the voice the voice of

As I turn my look I see a statue
That face like something was trying to say
I saw the name was written
It was LEONIDAS King of the ancient Spartans
Then I saw the stone and I realised
The truth and the inner meaning of these words
Our ancestors once gave there lives defending these lands
And left them behind the most valuable words
Words we must never forget

Oxein aggelin lakaidaimonioi oti
Tide koimetha tis koinon rimasi

Ancient Spartans defenders of the Hellenic Lands
Lead me to the path of your King
King LEONIDAS King of the brave ones
Raise your sword lead the Hellenic Race
Ancient Spartans the way is long
But I will be proud to die in the battlefield

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