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Symphony Of The Night

This song is by Athos.

The night has come silent
Awakes her

The woods are singing the name of Night
The moon is leading and stands so bright
As the shadows

Creatures from other worlds
Hiding in shadows
Knowing the secretes of night
Have joined this symphony of

(As the moon breaks through the dark clouds
I hear the wolfs call invite in this endless night)

Darkness spreads the fear
Living shadows appear
As the wolf
Owls the moon

The night has come silent
Awakes her children

Wears her night black dress

Darkness join me
This unholy melancholy

The dark is deep the woods so cold
This dead of winter I feel so old
The stars so bright they stare the night
They join the dance of moonlight
Now nymphs appear from the woods
Are telling me the tale of roots
The roots that lost through the years
Now are gone forever
I follow them inside the woods
I join this symphony
Of night

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