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​A Tale Of Christian Love

This song is by Athos.

They came with cross with sword and steel with hate into their eyes
Their fake words that make me sick the murders of our Gods
They spread the plague with their love their promises of life
They called us slaves to their god their fucking Jewish god

Listen to me my children, I am here to teach you the truth the light of our lord Jesus
The teachings of the bible and about how to serve your true merciful god
He is the one who made us he suffered so much for us he crucified for us
And loves us as his own children and wants to save us from our sins
Stop believing in fake Gods and idols Satan is so close to you
He hates humanity and wants to destroy you he is hiding in your fake Gods
And is waiting for you to burn in hell, follow your true god Jesus
Jesus will save you Jesus is the light and the truth

The years have passed under their crosses shadow, the memories lost
A Christian cross haunts my past a fake god has raped my soul
The light has gone under a pale of lies

Listen to me my children no one is aloud to believe in idols
No one is aloud to be in ancient ceremonies
The Temples of Satan must be destroyed and to built Christian churches on them
That's the only way our merciful god to forgive us
And destroy all the obscene statues you find and forget all about your past you had
Your past so full of sins, show to all the love, show them what a true Christian love is

I stand with proud, I start my war against... (Christianity)