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If You Can Dream It

This song is by Athens Boys Choir.

Song: If You Can Dream It
Artist: Athens Boys Choir
Album: Jockstraps And Unicorns

<Some clip>
We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union
And to have men like Columbus, dasota, lewis and clark, kit Carson, Daniel boone, davy crockett, eli whitney, sambo, Thomas Edison, henry ford, orville and Wilbur wright, my grandpa, and paul reviere...

Does life stop when the work stops,
Or does work stop when this heart stops?
Writers block more threatening to this poet than clogged arteries.
But centuries of movements, evolutions and improvements
Dissolving into me osmosisly
See, I soak in the evolution,
Got that 6th sense and intuition,
That kind you get when you're born with ovaries and fallopians
Forever connecting me to my family's matriarchy
To which I am the only survivor... well, sort of.

<Some comedy clip>
But I always go immediately to the principal's office. And, so, when I got to the principal's office at this particular high school, as I walked up, I looked in through his great, big glass door, and I saw the principal standing in his office, and he had a boy sitting down in font of him, and he was shaking his finger in the boys face, and he was saying "I'll teach you to kiss girls in the halls of this school," and he said, "I've already learned."

See I,
Never underestimate the power of a woman.
A sacred feminine - not man-hating, just trying to get
Even, just trying to get
Some control over those controllers because
We just can't c-o-n-t-roll with it anymore.

Angela Davis to suffrage.
Gloria Steinem to Frances Perkins,
Sharlie Hunter to Rosa Parks,
Alice Walker and bell hooks
And all those women you may have heard of
Called witches and bitches,
Whores and sinners because,
Like Dan Brown said, history is
Always written by the winners.

So, what will the future textbooks say?
That the revolution was built this way:
A twine into thick rope; a braid made by feminists and
Trans-activists, visionaries and radical faeries,
Antiracists and hackers,
Grown men and distracters,
Whistle blowers, door openers,
My grandma, my mom, and me.

Circumstance? Naw.
Come lay with me. Come
Walk beside me in camaraderie
Because, like MLK, I got a dream in me, and
You got a dream in you. I
Know you do.

<Some other clip>
Now, if you can dream it, you can have it
If you can see it, you can get it
If you can reach for it, you can touch it
See, you just got to believe to get it
And know I'm wit it. Know what I'm saying?

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