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Inside The Moon

This song is by Athena and appears on the album Inside, The Moon (1995).

The time has gone
My little angel,
The sky is waiting
I feel I'm leaving you,
The wind has told me
That I must fly away
From all the dreams you have,
And the dreams I had.

You will write
My name in the water,
A word of love
You'll say to my grave,
But a day will come
In which you will now
Your life must go on

...And' I'll be alone without you...

Sands of time
Surround the voices
As all the shadows
Reflect the water.
Winds are leaving
The ancient sounds
Made of the dreams we had.

Night still shines
Inside the moonlight,
The sun is rising
Upon the mountains,
Inside the moon
The dreams closed the doors
Around their waterfalls.

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