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Te Amo

This song is by Atention Deficit.

Roses are red, violets are blue
This is the love song that I wrote for you
I remember our first date, You were so nervous then,
You barely even ate
We went back to my house and watched a movie there,
You lay next too me and we didn't have a care
Now I knew from that day forward inside my heart
That it was true
You are perfect for me and I am perfect for you
It's true
I remember our first dance, It only took me one glance
To realize how beautiful you really are
In my car, You put your hand on top of mine and we left
We drove lost for 2 hours and we didn't care
Now I know that I am not too good with words
But the way that you are looking at me now
I cannot speak, I'm weak inside my knees

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