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This song is by Atention Deficit.

She waits by the phone, It's the only that she has ever known
Over the years there's been so many tears
Relationships they do us fine, But most think that just take up too much time
Now she's waitin' all alone, Her concept of love is overthrown
Now, It's one more day she'll go on out
She took for granted that's what it's all about
Counting day by day, Wondering when he'll get back
What she'll say
He stops to think of her, Thinks of all the times and what the hell they were
The way that he fucked up, Everything that night was way too much
Wondering where all the time went that they spent
Now all that he wants is for the way the things
The way they used to be
And I know it hurts
When you've been down, And you cannot figure out
Just go on in life
And you'll figure out, somehow

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