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2 Months To Nowhere

This song is by Atention Deficit.

Remembering how to be myself, I can't explain where I went
I don't think I love you anymore, That was her first hint
Caught up in another pointless mind-game
I've been here before, And it feels the same
Hey lets go get drunk and now...
Analyze what it's all about
BITCH, the act, that just brings my happy self way down and
WHORE, the girl, who just loved to go and sleep around
WHY, a question that I'll ask myself every night
GOODBYE, something that I no longer have to try...
I'm thinking back to your last look, The way that it had to be
Love is blind that's what they say, I wish that I could see
My state of mind is gone in time and I cannot be for sure
Hey lets sober up and now...
Analyze on how she walked out
Watch yourself, You cannot touch the ground
You don't know where you're at, Just take a look around
You're all alone, Just go home
Analyze what it's all about
Think about how you walked out

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