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Where Were You?

This song is by Atari and appears on the EP We'll Be Fighting (1997).

When did you start to care?
Not till we came around here.
Not just here to kiss your ass,
Is that why you judge so fast?
'Cause where were you when none of this was cool?
Anywhere but here.
As if you had a clue what we're about.
It's more than you could know.
This is the last time you turn what we've built
Into something so cheap with words.
You weren't there, you didn't care about us.
And we're supposed to take what you say as fact?
Fuck that man!
All the talk, all the lies, against what we still feel inside.
It's shit like that, from kids like you,
That judge the rest without a clue.
Without a clue!

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