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Cradle of Fern

This song is by Atargatis and appears on the album Wasteland (2006).

The source said "life",
The morning spring
Gave its "existence".
The wind offered its "breath"

A sparkle descended
Formed a bundle of "life"
That carries all hope inside.

The bundle of life flew together in the child.
Nature gave its best as a present
Nature gave its best as a present

Fed by promising fruits,
Stroll along green rivers,
Was covered by nightwings.

Competed against the thorns,
Was tought by perils limits.
The willowtree's arm saved his steps.

Listen to us, my child, you shall be called:
"Offspring Of All Hope"

Now, sleep well, carefully swayed in the
"Cradle of fern"
Develop your mind - for natures' spirit!

Expectant watched the moon,
Played tricks with twinkeling stars,
Gazed to fires spirit.

Took on the breeze tongue,
Greeted innocent blossoms,
And listened to streams whisper.

Sang lovesongs with nighttime birds,
Kept silence with the fish,
Was pleased with deers offspring.

Was domiciled in the forests clearing.
Carefully raised his
Hand to touch the sky.

Washed his heart purely
In the natures fountain.
Watched his face on the lakes skin,

Grew up by the suns prudence,
Was pacified by waters balance,
His open mind arose.

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