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​Visions Of War, Part 3: Blood On My Swordblade

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Devastation - The Third Attack (1999).

With ancient blood on my swordblade!

With fearsome hound, which rage let feel
[They] Rush over the ground, of battle, weapons in arm
A war, of steel, a crashing sound, of colliding METAL!

Dying men, fell to the ground
Warred by blood, of wounds
And, by the throats, of fighters sword
An iron axe, smashed the hound, head.
Hurting brave, by the spear, was gone
A dreadful groan, of the dead!

Breaking night, sky turns red
Everywhere they go they stumble on the bones of the dead
How many have fallen there, at the field of glory, the field of can

The old men, who tells the story, about warriors, pride and glory
Once he was, a mighty lord, in the battle with shield and sword
Hope to die, learns to fly
Up to the mighty gods hall
With honour, a men should die
By the sword into the battle fall
This time, his gods are dead
Who in the battle, at the ground
God helped him, they will rise
Born mighty and bring
The ancient in this night!